The Ongoing Collapse

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The current draw on the UK National Grid is 28.34 gigawatts.

Of which 18.14% is coal, 14.75% is wind, 7.38% is biomass and 27.1% is nuclear.

There are currently 403.36 parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere.

1 year ago today there were 400.95 parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere.

In Beijing, China, the Air Quality Index is currently 183.

Crude oil is currently valued at $32.78 a barrel.

One Bitcoin is currently valued at $436.42.

The market cap of Apple stock is $537.33 billion.

There are currently an estimated 3,317,865,780 Internet users globally.

An estimated 1,600,089,996 of them use Facebook.

So far today there has been 2,023,749,601 GB of Internet traffic requiring 2,212,384 MWh of power and releasing 1,999,950 tons of carbon.

Here is a live map of current cyber attacks.

To date, there have been up to 423 US drone strikes in Pakistan, killing up to 3,999 people.

There have been up to 128 US drone strikes in Yemen, killing up to 726 people.

In Somalia, there have been up to 126 US drone strikes, killing up to 126 people.

Here is today's NOAA report on space weather and solar geophysical activity.

Here is a map of where the International Space Station is.

Check out the latest images from Mars Curiosity here.

There are 41,336 man-made objects in space.

Of those, 1,491 are in active use.

Voyager 1 is currently 20,093,123,789 km away from Earth.

Here is an up-to-date list of planned space launches.

Solar wind speed around Earth is currently 305 km/s.

There are currently 2,084 known exoplanets.

And there are 1,329 known exoplanetary systems.

Here is the latest ESTOFEX Storm Forecast.

Sea level relative to 0m is currently -0.005m at Lymington, UK.

In Gan, Maldives, sea level relative to 0m is currently 7.855m.

The latest earthquake was at Island Of Hawaii, Hawaii of magnitude 2.1 at a depth of 3 km.

Here is an up to date list of current US fire incidents.

Here is today's Department of Homeland Security Daily Infrastructure Report.